Even when intruders manage to get into a home or office, valuable property shouldn’t be at risk. With the right safes protecting valuables, property stays put when privacy is violated.

Fire-rated safes will withstand fire and other natural disasters. They also protect documents and other valuable objects better than any security system. Burglary resistant models are better than security systems because they keep intruders out and away from valuables, instead of just informing when your items have been compromised.

When shopping for a home safe, the features we want you to look for include:

  • How far the fire department is from your residence
  • What type of valuables are being out into the safe
  • The location of the safe’s placement (i.e. in a closet, garage, etc.)
  • The accessibility of the safe

When choosing the right safe for your valuables, we tend to look at what valuables you’re trying to protect. If you were to say that you’re looking to put jewelry, small keepsakes, and cash into a safe, we would lead you to a standard fire-rated safe between 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you’re using the safe to protect documents, a 2-hour fire-rated safe would be an appropriate safe for you.

Gun Safes

Gun safes are also an important part of any location where firearms are stored. In addition to protecting against theft, they keep weapons out of the hands of criminals as well as protect the safety of any person who is unskilled with firearms. Gun safes tend to range from 30 minutes to 2 hour fire-rated and burglary protection. For the protection of your guns, gun safes usually have 2 or 3 layers of fire-insulating material. Gun safes come in a variety of sizes, from small pistol boxes – to have at an arm’s reach – to armored vault-sized safes for the typical hunter or gun collector.

Laws imposing criminal liability when a child gains access as a result of negligent storage of a firearm:
Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have laws that impose criminal liability on persons who negligently store firearms where minors could or do gain access to a firearm. (Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 46.13)

This list is far from complete. Jewelry vaults and vault doors, for example, are useful ways of protecting items too important to leave behind regular locked doors or even at the bank. When protecting your valuables from family, friends, or even intruders, knowing what safe is right for you can protect you in the future.


  • We supply the highest quality safes that protect what they are supposed to
  • You and your business’s most valuable possessions
  • We specialize in moving, installing, and bolting down safes

We’re proud to sell Hayman safes – featuring the MagvaVaults, DynaVaults, and Everglades gun safes – and AMSEC gun safes.


We specialize in:

  • Safe opening
  • Combination changes
  • Electronic Retrofit
  • Converting mechanical to electronic safes

Family-owned, spanning 20 years, Dawson is proud to be the resident expert and local leader for safe and lock services. We install, move, anchor, and service a broad range of safe types, sizes and protection levels to meet your individualized needs.

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“Mike delivered and set up our safe without any issues. Highly recommend Dawson..!”

– John W.

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“Colby contacted me before showing up, he picked the lock inside my gun safe and made two new keys. He was very professional and explained his procedures as he went along. Very nice young man, I highly recommend him.”

– Dan B.

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– Mark S.

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“Matt was very knowledgeable and efficient. I appreciate his promptness and ability to resolve the issue with my safe. Will highly recommend!”

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“I had purchased a Gardell Safe from you in 2010 and Dawson Safe installed it. Now I’m selling my house and wanted to move the safe to my new address. Mike was dispatched to do the job. He was on time. Very professional. Removed the safe and then installed it at my new home. Great job. I will be purchasing my next safe from Dawson. Thanks. Mitch.”

– Mitchel A.

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“Mike installed a safe for us at our home. He was very courteous and and did a very professional job installing our new safe.
I would certainly recommend Dawson for my security needs.”

– Wallis M.

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“Experienced tech who did a very good job.”

– Tom M.

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“Mike, locksmith from Dawson, was here today to replace the key pad on my gun safe. The repair was painless but what I appreciated the most that Mike took the time to ensure I was confident with the new keypad his and provided me with hand written instructions on ABC's of this new key pad instead of stuffing an Internet address to research on my own.
His professional and confident manner gave me the reassurance that I had called the right company!”

– Gennifer H.

Dawson Security Group, Inc. offers business and homeowners residential, commercial, key, safe, lock, in-house auto, electronic, and hardware services at their location in The Woodlands and in surrounding Texas communities. Visit the service area page to learn more. For questions and service, call us at 281-364-0500 or request service online.

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