Commercial Property Security Protection

Dawson Security Group, Inc. has earned their reputation in the commercial property security sector for highly trained locksmiths and security technicians who are experts at supplying and installing electronic access control panels, electronic locking options, master key systems, hardware and assessing loss prevention in commercial property applications like:

Recreation and Leisure

hotels, public facilities, community centres, libraries, restaurants and cafes, sports facilities

Office Buildings

single‐tenant properties, small professional office buildings, downtown skyscrapers


retail stores, specialty shops, shopping malls


industrial property, office/warehouses, garages, distribution centers


banks, credit unions, investment, insurance, financial planning

Medical & Health Care

medical centers, doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing home

Facility Managers Choose Dawson Security Group, Inc. Services for Commercial Security Protection Needs

Dawson Security Group, Inc. Services Commercial Property Protection division understands the importance of technical details and specifications required for managers of commercial properties.

Quite simply, Dawson Grade means that you never have to sacrifice beauty for brawn. The products we represent not only look good, but they do what they are supposed to do… protect your business and your valuable possessions.

Here’s what makes Dawson Security Group, Inc. different:

  • industry specific knowledge and expertise
  • access to a wide range of high quality security products specific to commercial buildings
  • extensively trained and appropriately licensed, bonded and fully insured locksmiths, security technicians and support staff, all committed to excellence in workmanship and customer service
  • immediate response to critical situations
  • a sincere desire to educate and protect customers and their assets.

Dawson Grade* Products and Services for Protection of Commercial Property Assets

  • Electronic Access Systems
  • Master Key Systems
  • Digital Video and Surveillance Solutions
  • Loss Prevention Specialists
    • Employee/visitor access card systems
    • Document/product protection systems
    • Door Control Solutions
    • Door hardware:
      • panic bars
      • door closers
      • lever locks
      • hinges
      • thresholds

Medeco High Security Lock

High Security Locks

Maxum Residential LockHomes, businesses, schools, and other places of gathering are far more vulnerable than you would expect. Many people believe that a simple lock and key are sufficient in keeping burglars away from the places that they inhabit; however, typical hardware can be easily overcome by an average criminal. Furthermore, those who assume that a security system can keep their homes and offices free from harm are sadly mistaken. By the time the services of such a system are triggered, the thief has already broken into your home and is well on his or her way to harming your family or pillaging your belongings.

The best way to protect your home is to invest in high-quality locks and accompanying hardware that we provide from a reputable brand like Medeco. If a burglar is able to get his or her hands on your home or business key, he or she can make a copy of the key for just a few dollars at essentially any hardware store in the country. However, Medeco products are specially patented and can only be copied with your express consent. In addition, Medeco deadbolts, locksets, and cylinder products have been designed to withstand extreme abuse and have proven to be some of the most durable items on the market.

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Dawson Security Group, Inc. offers business and homeowners residential, commercial, key, safe, lock, in-house auto, electronic, and hardware services at their location in The Woodlands and in surrounding Texas communities. Visit the service area page to learn more. For questions and service, call us at 281-364-0500 or request service online.

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