Business Security: The Spectrum of Solutions

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Commercial, Electronics

While securing your home and family is crucial, securing your business or place of work is just as important. Whether you’re a business owner, in charge of loss prevention, or just an employee looking for ways to improve security, it’s important to be aware of and pass on potential improvements that can help protect your workplace environment, coworkers, and assets.

In the business world, there’s an ever-increasing need to improve security to prevent the loss of inventory, equipment, records, trade secrets and provide a secure environment for employees’ daily activities. Upgrading your company’s security can range from low-level solutions to high-level systems.

Just like in a home, physical security – locks, keys and door controls – are still the first and most important layer of security. Traditional office keys, much like house keys, can be copied anywhere (hardware stores, big box stores, etc.) Key control and restriction are essential in a corporate setting. We suggest upgrading your standard office locks and keys to more restricted, high security options like Medeco. Controlled key systems last much longer than standard systems due to patent protection and the elimination of unauthorized duplication.

If your company is looking for more technologically-advanced hardware systems, electronic access control may be a solution. The access code on the electronic locks can be easily set and multiple codes can be set on individual doors for various employees or individuals who need access to the room or area of the building. These are installed on high traffic employee areas to extend the capability of key control. You can change the codes yourself at the lock for base model products and can even use software to manage upper line models.

Integrated security products like smart cylinders and card systems allow authorized access and track every event (entry and denied entry attempts) for audit purposes. Many products are Wi-Fi capable and can be easily integrated into your current IT system. A few benefits of smart cylinders like Medeco’s eCylinder include audit accountability, the ability to fit on existing hardware, can be relocated when access configurations change, and lower cost than hard wiring entire openings. These higher level systems allow authorized employees to monitor activities around the building, increasing detection of suspect behavior. This proactivity is a better loss prevention technique than reactivity.

For more in depth information on these and other security solutions, please call Dawson Safe and Lock, an authorized Medeco Service Center, by phone (281-364-0500) or stop by our showroom to discuss your security concerns with one of our knowledgeable security technicians.

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